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Sheila Holz, SBD

Christelle Hagen, SBD

Jenna Tuura, SBD

Teresa Radcliffe, SBD

Melissa Ballman, SBD

Mandy Hansen, SBD

Kylie Saari, SBD

Allison Krenz, SBD

Mary Carlson, SBD

Karla Wiegrefe, SBD

Jennifer Bieniek, SBD (West Central)

Kathleen Massmann, SBD (Monticello)

Jessica Siebels, SBD (Moorhead)

Jennifer Jopp, SBD (Central Minnesota)

Full SBD Doula Listing


Doulas who’ve chosen to list with stillbirthday:


Doulas (certified through Cascade, CBI, DONA, CAPPA or other organization)



Farewell Support

Important Tips for Parents

If you would like to be added to this list, please submit your information and it will be updated.  This website does not endorse (nor is it liable to) any individual or business, and contracts and arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

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