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Michelle Delp, SBD

Lauretta Clay, SBD

MaryBeth Nance, SBD

Ilise Newman, SBD

Megan Koren, SBD

Heidi Lengel, SBD

Brandy Rawls, SBD

Carrie Stine, SBD

Paige Green, SBD

Nikki Kemery, SBD

Melissa Rohac, SBD

Lori Heil, SBD

Jennifer Collier, SBD

Nadine Mikucki, SBD

Susan Conrad, SBD (Greater Lehigh Valley)

Betsy Felix, SBD (Hershey)

Kristy Bolte, SBD (Northwestern PA)

Katy Dortenzo, SBD (Chambersburg)

Jenn Barnes, SBD (Waynesboro)

Jerri Martin, SBD

Skye Deming, SBD (Mercer & Lawrence counties)

Jessica Quill, SBD (Gettysburg)

Lisa Sanders, SBD (Camp Hill area)

Kimberly Ghaner, SBD (Chambersburg)

Malissa Weller, SBD (Franklin County)

Heather Whitcomb, SBD (Schuylkill County)

Christina Foster, SBD (Carlisle)

Jeannie Scala, SBD

Full SBD Doula Listing


Doulas who’ve chosen to list with stillbirthday:


Doulas (certified through Cascade, CBI, DONA, CAPPA or other organization)



Farewell Support

Support Services

Limited financial assistance for farewell celebrations is possible for Pennsylvania applicants through the Conner Kirby Infant Memorial Foundation.

Important Tips for Parents

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