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You can sponsor any student into our doula program.

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Stillbirthday provides a globally respected comprehensive birth & bereavement combination certificate doula program. In addition to doctors, nurses, midwives and funeral home staff, many of our doula students are bereaved mothers themselves, who long to bring a bit of hope and healing to other hurting families.

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About SBD Student Sponsorship

Information for Students

Information for Students If you would like to be listed as a student on our waiting list, please use the contact form below. Students, as your name appears in our listing, please be sure to share this with your loved ones so that they can contribute to your training, and check back often as your status is updated. If you’d like to note your state/country in your application, you might find a corresponding state SBD Team who may also have fundraising ideas for your sponsorship. Please note that this program is not for you to self-pay at a discounted price: this program is so that we can humbly allow our loved ones to support us in our desire to help support others. If you are the one submitting payment, a gift letter from each sponsor may additionally be required. Also, your enrollment into a session is complete after your sponsorship is complete. The time it takes to complete your sponsorship therefore can impact which session you are a part of. Once your sponsorship has been complete at the exact amount, your name will be moved to the Previously Sponsored page and you will find your name on the Class Roster.  Finally, this is the only link approved for generating academic funding for stillbirthday.  In the event that a self-promotion solicitation website has been utilized, such as “go fund me,” this link itself is required to be prominently displayed.  This simply ensures the integrity of the prospective student and the pursuit for tuition assistance.

If you anticipate an extended time before your sponsorship is complete, please feel invited to join our SBD U Sponsorship group where you can receive encouragement and sponsorship awareness raising ideas and support.  This is also a super simple way of staying connected in preparation for your session!

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Information for Sponsors

Information for Sponsors Student sponsorship can be made by loved ones, the general public, or businesses/organizations. Because stillbirthday’s longstanding passion is to see that every mother is supported in birth in any trimester, there is a special discount for students seeking sponsorship. Class tuition is $250, but for students on the sponsoring waiting list, registration is reduced to $125.

Related: The Privilege to Give Students are listed in chronological order from time of application, with the most recently added last. Your financial contribution is applied toward tuition for the first student listed, unless you are a loved one of a waiting students and make notation of who you are sponsoring in the field below.

Sponsors: Loved Ones Sponsors, if you are a loved one to a student, please use the form as well as the yellow payment button, to indicate which student you are sponsoring (if you do not use the form, after 7 days it will be credited toward the first student on our waiting list).

Pending Appointments This section is where any current sponsorships are announced that we are waiting on the sponsor to appoint a student. Using the form as you submit your sponsorship helps expedite the process by skipping this step. If you can identify your payment here, please use the form below to indicate which student you are sponsoring. If in this interval the student is over-funded, sponsors will be refunded based on highest or first sponsorship first.


Sponsor a Student Here

Tuition Sponsor

After completing your purchase, please enjoy our Thank You letter.



Student Waiting List:


NEWEST STUDENTS & SPONSORS are listed at the newest space of the page, which is easiest to access by scrolling to the end of this page.  Previous year entries are still active, but are archived to make this page more streamlined.  Newest entries are always updated as quickly as possible, and you can always email Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.info to expedite the process.



Alyson Trent – {Kentucky} – {since 01.02.16}

Kathleen Rouleau – {Massachusetts} – {since 01.06.16}

Elizabeth Drumheller – {Minnesota} – {since 01.07.16}

Amanda Meyer – {Wisconsin} – {since 01.07.16}

Cherish C. – {Arizona} – {since 01.31.06}

Charmaine – {Ontario, Canada} – {since 02.02.16}

Natalie A – {Connecticut} – {since 02.10.16}

Carrie Ann – {Illinois} – {since 02.13.16}

Michelle Ikwumonu – {BC Canada} – Hello everyone, After losing my son, Malaki, I felt lost and some days I still do. Mostly nights nearing the eve of the night we lost him. The night before our due date. My son has taught me so many lessons and I am so very grateful for that. I don’t know why he left but I do know I cherish every moment I carried him. I cherish every second of my labor. I cherished holding him for that short while he was earthside until we had to bury his vessel. I’m so blessed he chose me to be his mother. I want to honor my son and the lessons and gifts he has shared with me by supporting women during their labor. I felt since I have lived experience with such a huge loss, that I could really connect with couples that have to deliver their stillborn. I want to be able to assist in any way I can during both live and still births. It is such a sacred space. I know this is a part of my life journey. This is what I’m meant to do. I’m asking for sponsorship to help pay for the cost of my training. Any amount will help me reach my goal. Thank you in advance for reading a part of my story.~ Love and light. ~ Michelle Ikwumonu. {since 02.22.16}

Valeria R. – {Missouri} – Hi, thank you for taking the time to consider helping. I am married to my wonderful husband and we have four beautiful children. I have always enjoyed helping others and have worked in the medical field. I have a passion to work with people and listen to their needs. My goal is to be able to experience with families the joy of birth and to share the hope in the loss of a child. I believe that my hardship as a mother will contribute to this journey. If you feel it in your heart to help me reach my goal I thank you in advance. God Bless. {since 03.09.16}

Melissa M. – {Michigan} – My name is Melissa and I an the mother to 2 beautiful boys who live on in our hearts and an amazing daughter who is 5. I am a facilitator of a peer led pregnancy and infant loss support group and am looking forward to serving families in loss. {since 03.09.16}




 In increments of $25, you can help any of these students become that much closer to their goal.
Prospective doulas, you can also join our Sponsorship group!

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Daniel’s Doulas

If you are sponsoring in any increment on behalf of Daniel DuChene and his beautiful mama LeighAnne, please simply place Daniel’s name in the “Student I’m Sponsoring” above.  We will record all sponsoring and total that here, where then LeighAnne will be able to choose how to delegate the funding for Daniel’s and Aria’s Doulas.

  • $25 – Kerri Lynn Tom
  • $25 – Amy Kelly
  • $50 – Honeyfund – Shannan Wells









If you don’t see your name here any longer, please view our previously sponsored students, and please always know you can email the founder directly at Heidi.Faith@stillbirthday.info to make sure the lists are updated as quickly as possible.


Our Previously Sponsored Students:

Click here to visit our Previously Sponsored Student list.







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