SBD Doulas Part 1

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Class Information:

Experts from multiple disciplines in birth and bereavement care have found the SBD training to be the best, the most comprehensive training on all subjects within birth and bereavement.

This is an 8 consecutive week online classroom program, where you will engage in online dialogue with fellow students, read provided class materials, and submit an open book exam each weekend.

Once your registration is complete, you’ll receive our welcome letter.  At the start of class, you’ll receive an email which will give you access to Stillbirthday University and the online classroom.  There you will find everything you need to complete the SBD training.


Each week requires approximately 3 hours of reading, reviewing and responding.


The goal in enrolling in our program is to work toward successfully earning the SBD credential, and each completed exam, along with your demonstrated acknowledgment of the principles established in the introduction of the course, moves you toward that goal.

After completing the 8 weeks of online training, you will complete two book reviews (from two books of your choice from our list), and a community assessment project.  The community project is a multiple page investigative project to determine what resources are available  for pregnant and/or bereaved families in your community.  Your exams are designed to help with this.

Once you have completed all of the training requirements and have successfully earned the stillbirthday certification, you are awarded the SBD credentials and will receive a wonderful graduation packet.  In addition, stillbirthday believes that education does not cease, and we want to award you for continuing to grow.  The SBD training materials are updated regularly, but you will never have to recertify.  You will always have exclusive access to the most up-to-date comprehensive training materials. It is our way to say “thank you” for your service to families.

Click here to view our required reading list (with links to order).  While you are here, please also take advantage of our extensive resources for professionals.

You can register for the next training at any time.  Scheduled dates for sessions are published and updated at the Registration home page.

Click here to return to the SBD Doula Registration Home Page.


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The SBD® Doula provides support to families experiencing birth in any trimester and in any outcome.

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