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Michelle Nye, SBD (Ontario)

Theresa Wellwood, SBD (Canada)

Liz Fast, SBD (Ontario)

Deana Ruston, SBD (Ontario)

Stephanie Hayes, SBD (Ontario)

Mindy Terrington, SBD (Ontario)

Heather Proulx, SBD (Ontario)

Johanna Veenendaal-Knowles, SBD (Ontario)

Shannon Anderson, SBD (Ontario)

Angie Gunn, SBD (Ontario)

Samantha Audia, SBD (Ontario)

Eleasha Thorpe, SBD (Ontario)

Krista Campure, SBD (Ontario)

Alyssa Rose Green, SBD (Kingston, Ontario)

Carol-Lynn Warden, SBD (Ottawa, Ontario)

Erin Seguin, SBD (Ontario)

Ann Marie Corrado, SBD (Ontario)

Jo-Ann McRogers, SBD (Ontario)

Lara Stewart-Panko, SBD (Ontario)

Jessie Hopkins, SBD (Ontario)

Angeli Desaulniers, SBD (Windsor-Essex)

Sarah Langridge, SBD (Orangeville)


Michelle Dueck, SBD (Saskatchewan)

Jasmin Herchak, SBD (Saskatchewan)

Crystal Spock, SBD (Saskatchewan)

Jayde Heatcoat, SBD (Saskatoon)

Adreanna Boucher, SBD (Saskatchewan)

Amanda Harder, SBD (Saskatoon)

British Columbia

Rebecca Malaka, SBD (Golden, British Columbia)

Charlene Chambers, SBD (Victoria, B.C.)

Rebekah Anderson, SBD (Victoria)

Samantha Jenkins, SBD (Vancouver Island, BC)

Carmen Schultz, SBD (Chilliwack BC)

Tamara Cleaver, SBD (Victoria, BC)

Chriss Janko, SBD (Penticton, BC)


Jennifer Wilson, SBD (Alberta)

Holly Persicke, SBD (Alberta)

Jasmine Colbourne, SBD (Alberta)

Christine Catherall, SBD (Red Deer, Alberta)

Dyvonna Inkster, SBD (Alberta)

Jennifer Hammer, SBD (Alberta)

Michelle Maisonville, SBD (Alberta)

Lower Mainland

Meagan Harris, SBD (Lower Mainland)


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