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The stillbirthday luminary designation reflects a consistent service to others. It is a title that can be aspired toward and sets the heart of the doula apart from the crowd. There are different ways that one can earn the luminary designation, but however it is attained, it is one of honor.

Tracks to Achieve Luminary Status:

  1. Outstanding response time on all inquiries or searches for your SBD services, for 40 or more documented inquiries.
  2. Outstanding evaluations or feedbacks from 25 or more SBD clients.
  3. Student Mentor with outstanding evaluations from students for 4 or more sessions.
  4. Ambassador role or activities for one year or longer.

Luminary applicant is responsible for the burden of documented proof of their eligibility.  The Luminary status can be challenged and revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the stillbirthday founder.



Luminary Listing


Only Doula Luminaries have permission to bear this logo!


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