Placenta Burial Kit

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In first trimester birth, one of many devastating experiences can be in searching for the physical form of the baby during the birth process. Broken fragments of young placenta are all a mother may be able to visibly identify.

The healing journey can be challenged as the mother yearns to have had just something to symbolize a farewell.

The placenta belongs to the baby. It can be very healing to create a farewell, through burial or cremation, of your baby’s placenta.



Please follow our birth plans, and please do not give birth alone.

By following our birth plan, you might use items such as a square of cheese cloth, a strainer, or a fish net to help you as you labor. Giving birth earlier in pregnancy means that as your uterus contracts, the young placenta may begin to break and may emerge not only after, but during and before the actual birth of your baby. Using one of these straining tools is helpful during the process.

After you have gathered any amount of fragments of placenta, and made any necessary decisions regarding medical support per our birth plans, you can place them in a plastic Ziploc bag or wrapped entirely in plastic wrap. It is suggested you then place this bag into a darker bag, such as a brown paper sac, before then placing this bag into your freezer or in another very cold area such as a storm shelter if that is a bit more comfortable for you.

When you receive your placenta burial kit, you’ll be able to then decide if you will remove the placenta fragments from the plastic bag, and you can then wrap your baby’s placenta in a piece of naturally dyed wrapping cloth, and then inside the herbal and floral lined placenta burial pouch. The pouch is made of fair trade, upcycled, degradable silk.

If you’d like, you can scoop the flowers from the pouch, either before burial or cremation, and sprinkle them onto a beach or into a stream, as they’ll float above it, allowing you a special water ceremony if you choose.

The flowers are a purple Larkspur – purple, because it combines pink and blue. Larkspur, because they are a light flower, they symbolize a passionate love.  You can also choose essential oils you might sprinkle onto your placenta burial pouch.


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