The SBD Vow

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The SBD Doula® follows an intensive Principles of Service.

As a certified stillbirthday (SBD) doula, the person who bears the SBD credential aligns with supporting birth diversity, serving families through an unsurpassed skill set in any circumstance and by providing a comprehensive navigating support along any perinatal journey, that has become the familiar mark of the SBD credential.

As you learn about your SBD doula, or professional care team partner who bears the SBD credential, you can see why this website is accessible through two avenues: and
As an SBD Doula®I vow to serve you. (1)

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The SBD® Doula provides support to families experiencing birth in any trimester and in any outcome.

Here at, you can learn about the SBD® Doula.