SBD® Doula Clients

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Dear Families and Professional Care Teams,

As the founder of stillbirthday, I personally want to thank you, for putting your trust in the qualified skill set of your stillbirthday credentialed Birth & Bereavement Doula®.  I will so love to hear of your experiences, to recognize our doulas as well as recognize any areas of improvement we may need to evaluate.

Public Group Rating

You can use this page, or the rating on our facebook page, to publicly share of your opinion if you’d choose to.  We receive this rating as a whole, as a team and so if you have a review that includes critique or constructive criticism, we ask that you display respect and do not state the doula’s name.

Confidential Constructive Criticism

You can also email me privately to share in your feedback and experience.  My direct email is  While I am also available by phone, I will prefer doula feedback to be provided by email for my own records.

Positive Acknowledgement  |  Purple Daisy Award

I will love to know how you and the doula got connected, how you felt their professional manner was, how supportive and validating to the family the doula was, and if you felt the doula was a great match for the needs of the family.  We also have a professional Principles of Service which our doulas uphold and maintain in their service.

To acknowledge and nominate your SBD Doula®, please email Heidi Faith (at, and include in your email, the profile link to your SBD Doula (you can find all of our doulas through this link).  All nominations are reviewed and final decisions on awards will be announced publicly through the stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doulas facebook page.

Please also feel welcome to use this graphic to share that you utilized the services of a stillbirthday Birth & Bereavement Doula®.




The SBD® Doula provides support to families experiencing birth in any trimester and in any outcome.

Here at, you can learn about the SBD® Doula.