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Knowing that we are not alone as we embark on the painful journey of pregnancy and infant loss can be very comforting and healing.  Sharing our experiences is very important.  Thank you so much for sharing about your journey here at stillbirthday.

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You can visit our facebook page and share as a private message to the page, post to the wall, or, you can email to  We do like to watermark in some way the photos we share from the stillbirthday community.  Our “You Are Not Alone” is one option ~ just visit our facebook page for details.





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Find out why some stories are password protected and what the password is here.


We at stillbirthday recognize that grief is not linear and that in bereavement, we may experience many, many various feelings.  Please, take your time and look around here at our many resources, from before, during or after the birth of your baby.  Please, utilize our emergency crisis resources if you ever feel tempted to harm yourself or others.  We also have an invitation if your experience includes being bullied, as grieving online is a unique issue that we at stillbirthday take very seriously.  If you have any questions regarding submissions and/or comments that can be made at stillbirthday, please learn about your sharing rights and responsibilities.

If you’d like to share with our Facebook community as well, you’ll need to visit our Pledge to Be Me – because we do not ever reshare your experiences and hold a high level of confidentiality and honor for your experiences.  If you already know you’d like to see your stillbirthday URL shared with our community, you can check that field below.  You can still have your piece password protected, as well.



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